McCallie Summer Camps is offering former campers and their friends the opportunity to take part in some fun weekend activities this Fall and throughout the school year.

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Fun Events:

  • Tennis Clinics – Year round Saturday Clinics, $120/month, $30/clinic, High School Clinic is $160/month, $40/clinic. Contact to register.
  • Saturday Lacrosse School – Varsity Lacrosse Coach Ryne Linsley
  • Sunday Basketball School – Varsity Basketball Coach David Conrady – Dates TBA
  • Holiday Tennis Clinics Dates TBA
  • New Year’s Eve Lock-In Party 12/31-1/1
  • Holiday Minecraft Camp – Hunger Games Dates TBA
  • FREE Co-Ed February Dr. Pepper Basketball Clinic

Holiday Clinic & Weekend at McCallie Upcoming Events!

LACROSSE SCHOOL – McCallie Coach Ryne Linsley: Varsity Lacrosse Assistant

We will divide players based on age and skill level for any live drills. 

  1. Lacrosse School for Beginners (Current grades 3-8, boys): 9/21 and 9/28 – A great way to be introduced the game.  Equipment provided if necessary.  Each session we will focus on improving individual skills: shooting, dodging, shooting, footwork, shooting, defending, shooting, stick protection and more shooting!
  2. Shooting School (Current grades 5-12, boys): 9/28 and 10/5 – Sessions will focus on shooting technique, while developing players’ shooting repertoire. Learn to shoot on the run, low angle, time and room, behind the back, turning the corner.  Radar gun to measure shot speed at each session!
  3. Dodging and Defending School (Current grades 5-12, boys): 10/12 and 10/19 – Learn to be a dynamic dodger! Learn to be a lock-down defender!  These sessions are built for offensive AND defensive players. Each session will work to develop a catalog of dodges for offensive players and the defensive counters to each. Part of each session will be spent teaching technique “on air.”  We will also have live competitive periods, putting the lessons to the test!
  4. Goalie School (Current grades 5-12, boys): 11/2 and 11/9 – Drills and instruction to develop goalie skills and live shots from trained shooters.  These sessions are designed to build the goalie from the ground up; stance, hands, technique. We will use drill work to teach goalie play and face live, trained shooters from a variety of locations to put those drills to the test!

Each series costs $100.  If participants sign up for three sessions, cost is $250.

Sessions scheduled for 1:00 – 2:30

Location: Ridgedale Field